2.5 - 3.5 YEARS

This Parent/Child Class is specially designed for your 2.5 to 3.5-year old* to nurture his or her natural developmental bursts of cognitive and motor abilities. If you are moving up from our previous class series, you will notice more classroom transitions and a wider variety of seasonal activities.


You are home base as your child ventures away to explore. We invite you to meet the slower processing pace of toddlers with calm, patience, and observation—staying tuned in and intervening only when support is needed. We encourage you to echo any gentle limits introduced by the teacher, when appropriate. Harmony loves helping families connect, yet as this busy class presents many learning moments, please focus on your children, ready to help them succeed in each step of class. We welcome you to catch up with friends in our living room before or after class.

2.5- to 3.5-YEAR-OLD LOVES

  • Routine. Toddlers thrive on repetition and anticipation, so we follow a familiar rhythm your child will look forward to: welcome circle, making a recipe, art exploration, the snack we cooked, and story circle.

  • Process-driven work. Freely exploring art materials unlocks your child’s innate creative process. Product-driven, teacher-directed, cookie-cutter crafts are adorable, but minimize developmental and creative value. At Harmony, children instead work on big, shared surfaces to inspire each other’s exploration.

  • Fine motor work. This age group continues to love to hone fine motor skills. Process-driven sensory experiences through cooking and art exploration provide great opportunities to master these skills.

  • Independence. Toddlers love accomplishing tasks on their own. Be patient as your child struggles toward mastery of the independence-building tasks we present. We encourage you to support your child through the smallest facilitating step. Observe your child, offering the slightest aid as needed to complete the task successfully—if pouring water, stay close behind, reaching around quietly to help guide. As your child gets more capable, reduce your help, but stay present and available.

  • Reading. Between 2 and 3, children awaken to the understanding that the spoken word tree, a picture of a tree, and the written letters in tree all mean the same thing—this is the foundation of literacy, and it’s why we continue to feature our routine-based storytelling curriculum at this age.

  • Imagination. Your child continues to explore the exciting, new world of imaginative play.

  • Friends. Increasingly interested in peers, the basics of cooperative play begin to sprout.


  • Boundaries. Toddlers seek power—so, the toddler years bring many testing, challenging behaviors. “I won’t let you” and “You may not” are great phrases modeling healthy, respectful boundaries, showing the clear, confident leadership children need to thrive—reinforcing that you are in charge.

  • Sharing. Toddlers can’t yet grasp sharing, but they can take turns. When allowed uninterrupted play, children lay groundwork for concentration and attention span. If another child expresses interest in your child’s toy, let your child fulfill his curiosity and say, “You may have a turn when James is done.”

We hope you enjoy this bonding experience with your little one as you build new family connections. Our team is available to support all aspects of your child’s Harmony experience and guide you through these early learning stages however we can—your observations and questions are always welcome!

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*Though each Parent/Child Class series is designed for a particular age range, your child may enjoy starting a little sooner and/or sticking around a little later.