Reflecting the belief that children are capable, competent, and ready to take more ownership over their learning, Harmony’s NEW Multi-Track Kindergarten offers an intimate environment perfectly balancing intellectual skill-building with play-based social-emotional growth, while meeting each child in his or her individual development as outlined in the following tracks.

Upper Preschool - 4 years, 9 months old by Sept. 1 
Kindergarten Transition - age 5 by Sept. 1 - will continue on to Kindergarten year
Kindergarten - age 5 by Sept. 1 - will emerge prepared for 1st Grade

The Harmony Approach remains our foundation—harnessing children’s unique interests, curiosity, and creativity as the driving force behind their intellectual learning, while simultaneously focusing on social-emotional development and self-regulation—specialized skills often forgotten by age 5, yet still critical to each child’s overall education. The outdoors are an extension of the classroom, and every day—season to season—children spend at least an hour exploring our one-acre property’s Big Backyard, Discovery Garden, and Nature Trail.  

Our Multi-Track Kindergarten provides an invaluable social, emotional, and academic transition between preschool and elementary school—imparting all academic abilities required by Massachusetts’ Kindergarten Curriculum Frameworks, and allowing your child to emerge fully prepared for the next step of his or her educational journey.


Multi-Track Kindergarten Monthly Tuition

Monday - Friday         $865
8:30am - 1pm

*Need a longer day? Check out our optional Extended Care!


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