Series of one-on-one sessions with Chrissy Rupp, MS, Family Support & Parenting Education  

We’ve all been there. That moment when your adorable, perfect, amazing, sweet toddler suddenly morphs into a defiant, challenging, exhausting, infuriating little tyrant. At first, it’s no big deal, but when your reserves are low (sleep deprivation, anyone?), over time, you get lost in the woods, and can’t possibly summon the words to effectively unlock and diffuse these challenging behaviors. Not to worry—Harmony is here to help. We’ve seen it all (promise—what we’ve seen is so much worse) and, through vast education and experience, have amassed a treasure trove of simple, straightforward tips and tools we customize to banish your particular brand of unwelcome tyrant and usher back in that most beloved, cooperating, best possible version of your child.  

Initial Consultation & Teaching
Personalized parent education tailored to your child's age, development and unique temperament. Creation of family goals specific to your child's challenging behavior and family pressure-points.
$115 enrolled families ($145 outside community)

Parent Coaching Visit  
Development of appropriate response plan to challenging behaviors, as well as establishment of healthy boundaries, expectations and consequences.  Each visit includes a written, customized parenting plan.
$115 enrolled families ($145 outside community)

Email or Phone Follow-up  
Have a quick question or need a tweak to your plan?  
$60/hour enrolled families ($75/hour outside community)

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