12 - 18 months

This Parent/Child Class is specially designed for your 12- to 18-month old* baby to nurture his or her natural developmental bursts of cognitive and motor abilities. Children’s gravitation to play at this age is so beneficial to learning, our teacher facilitates, rather than directs, class activities.


During class, you are home base as your child ventures away from your lap to explore. We invite you to meet the slower processing pace of toddlers with calm, patience, and observation—staying tuned in, and intervening only when support is needed. We encourage you to echo any gentle limits introduced by the teacher, when appropriate.

12-to-18-Month LOVES

  • Routine. It’s why we intentionally structure our classes to follow a rhythm your child will quickly find familiar and look forward to. Each session features a welcome song/circle, sensory activity, introduction to hand washing, snack, bubbles, and goodbye song/circle.

  • MOVING! They are captivated by their developing gross motor skills—crawling, pulling up, taking their first, wobbly steps, and finally becoming confident walkers.

  • Learning everything through touch, feel, experience—sensory play. We meet this craving through heuristic play—materials grouped by a similar physical property (wood, liquid, reflection, etc.). Some toddlers climb right into the sensory bins—how fun it is to explore!

12-to-18-Month CHALLENGES

  • Touching other children. Toddlers are so curious about each other. Often, one crawls over another and neither is bothered by (or even aware of) the interaction. Rather than physically intervening, simply, quietly stating, “Abby just crawled over your foot,” helps your child recognize what happened. If your child is more physical or goes through an aggressive stage (100% normal), we suggest you quietly follow your child to redirect as needed.

  • Sharing. It isn’t yet in the developmental wheelhouse—and that’s perfectly fine. When children play for extended periods with simple materials, they lay the groundwork for concentration and attention span skills. Therefore, though another baby may express interest in what your child is playing with, we encourage you to calmly offer an alternative option, or say, “You may have a turn when James is done.” This is also a great stage to begin modeling basic manners like please and thank you.

We hope you enjoy this bonding experience with your little one as you build new family connections. Our team is available to support all aspects of your child’s Harmony experience and guide you through these early learning stages however we can—your observations and questions are always welcome!

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12-to-18-month Toddler Class Newburyport Mommy and Me Class Newburyport

*Though each Parent/Child Class series is designed for a particular age range, your child may enjoy starting a little sooner and/or sticking around a little later.