AgeS 3+

September 2019 – June 2020

To accommodate busy families, beginning in September 2019, we will offer Harmony-quality play-based childcare before and after Transitional Preschool, Preschool, and Multi-Track Kindergarten.

Mornings will allow extra free play overseen by one of your child’s teachers.

Afternoons will feature quiet/rest time (depending on whether your child still needs a nap), snack, and plenty of outdoor play. Pickup is offered anytime up to 4pm.

Extended care is offered Monday through Friday, and is customized to fit your family’s individual schedule.

AM                   8am drop-off   

1 day                 $40/month        

2 days               $80/month        

3 days               $120/month      

4 days               $160/month      

5 days               $200/month      


PM                   pick-up anytime up to 4pm      

1 day                $140/month      

2 days               $280/month      

3 days               $420/month      

4 days               $560/month      

5 days               $700/month      


Please note: flat rate billing, calculated monthly, is factored into your contractual fees.

Harmony Natural Learning Center Extended Care