Harmony Natural Learning Center is an environment deliberately removed from the electronic distractions of modern life. By cutting through the overstimulating audio and visual noise, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers at Harmony are given the space to develop independent play—perhaps early childhood’s most undervalued yet vital skill, as it cultivates concentration and attention span and is a critical determinant of future academic learning success. The sooner you begin nurturing these skills, the better result you’ll see—it’s why we offer play-based opportunities starting in infancy

Featuring teacher-to-student ratios unrivaled in greater Newburyport, The Harmony Approach is built on years of professional experience encompassing early childhood, pediatric, and parent education environments. Our educators adeptly inspire and support natural play, nurture self-regulation (a particular specialty of ours), and care for your children with loving leadership. They are empowered to recognize spontaneous teachable moments and adjust the environment and routine—customizing each experience to the needs and interests of each individual group of children.